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The Trumpeters Studio offers private trumpet lessons to students seeking a higher-quality, personalized musical instruction in the Southeast an Atlanta areas. Trumpet lessons are uniquely designed for each student and can range from traditional one-on-one lessons, group lessons and combinations there of, to preparation sessions for auditions and performances. Current private students range from beginners (6 yrs. Old); teenagers interested in performance & education, to Las Vegas, Los Angeles & New York show/studio professionals not to mention church musicians, to retirees exploring a rewarding hobby.  


The Trumpeters Studio also offers custom services to schools, churches, community and civic bands / orchestras to enhance the development and quality of their individual / sections.


If you have questions regarding policies, lesson availability, our custom group enhancements, or would like to schedule an evaluation please email 

The Trumpeters Studio 

 at info@thetrumpetersstudio.com or call 770-313-6475.